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camman007's News

Posted by camman007 - October 3rd, 2011

So I've joined a relatively new club here recently called 'Hoosier Games' and we're beginning to make ground on our game tentatively titled "Project Pumpkin Eater". I of course, will be composing the music for the project and have already begun to make a few themes. The premise of the game is basically an average gamer who is obsessed with finding glitches and cheats for games finds himself mysteriously sucked into a game where he must use his glitch knowledge to fight his way out.

The game will be a 2-d side scroller and the player will have to strategically implement codes and glitches to progress through the game. There will be a large variety of worlds and gameplay mechanics along with a unique story. We have a pretty skilled team hard at work so you can keep up with the news at "www.hoosiergames.org" (althought nothing is posted as of yet).

Keep your eye on that site for any new music updates as I won't be posting anything here. Until then...


Posted by camman007 - September 6th, 2011

So in the works now is my epic 'Final Battle' music which will take cues from many of my existing songs (Valas Appears, Fight with Valas, Danger in the Town, Tour de Afterlife, etc). I'm hoping to be able to add guitar contributions from my friend who inspired a section of the piece. Think 'Dancing Mad' kind of style and you'll have an idea. In the meantime listen to my previous mentioned works to prepare yourself for what's to come.


Posted by camman007 - March 30th, 2011

First original video game song in like, forever it seems. Created per request of Felix-0, a new boss theme that borrows cues from my song 'Forest Temple'. Go check it out and enjoy!

Posted by camman007 - February 5th, 2011

Well as many of my followers have noticed, I have posted any video game pieces for a while due to my work on my first upcoming film score for the independent film 'Reality'. Scoring for this film has been a great challenge and pleasure. I've had to compose in many different musical styles from classical, jazz, muzak, and pop. However, I won't be posting any of the themes anytime soon on newgrounds, but you can hear tastes of the score (and eventually the full thing) if you follow my facebook music page or the official Reality movie page. Your support means a lot, and I hope to make many scores in the future and will be composing some video game stuff here and there as well.



Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/pa ges/Cameron-Floyd/30169548615

Reality page - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Reality/

Reality official website - http://www.realitythemovie.com/

My first full film score

Posted by camman007 - September 14th, 2010

Cause apparently all the people I make deals with demand music from me which I make specifically for them and their project and then they do absolutely NOTHING WITH IT. It's really disheartening to see my hard worked on songs be put to absolutely zero use, if you plan on making a game and go as far as to hire someone for music, at least have the decency to FINISH THE GAME. I'm realizing that way too many people are getting in way over their heads and don't realize how much work creating a game can be. So it'd probably be safer to start small, very small, then hire your musician once the main game is basically complete. Zrb's project should've been done over a year ago, I got an email from him back in January/February that claimed he was back working on it, but I haven't heard anything since (I made 4 original songs for the guy that have got zero use). Then there's Blackmoore's Assistant, a game that did at least get a demo and saw use of a 30 second loop i made, but I made 2 other epic songs so far and have heard nothing about the game since the demo around spring. So I've decided to stop getting my hopes to be part of the creation of a game when I do my part and the same came can't be said for the other party. Currently I'm in talks with an independent film maker to do the score of his film called "Reality", and there is plenty of evidence that this will actually get done. So good-bye to scoring video games, at least for a good amount of time.

Posted by camman007 - May 28th, 2010

The demo is complete and can be played by joining the facebook group:


Check it out and let us know what ya think

Posted by camman007 - March 23rd, 2010

I'd like to take this post to apologize for the lack of content from me recently. My first son was just born March, 8th so I've been having my hands a bit full lately. On that note, expect a song for him to surface shortly. Anyways after I make that I'll get back to finishing my Piano-ing and The Game Soundtrack albums since at the moment I'm doing no projects. For more info about those albums head to my facebook page.

Music FTW


Posted by camman007 - January 29th, 2010

Hello all,

I'm currently working on the score for a point and click adventure game demo. Depending on whether the artist TinyStuffz can get sponsored with it or not will determine if I score the entire thing. I've always been a HUGE fan of point and click adventure games and the musical style for this is Victorian times England and has been very fun to write so far. Hopefully it can get sponsored so I can continue, look for music updates from the game soon :)


Posted by camman007 - November 14th, 2009

Become a fan of me on facebook!

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Posted by camman007 - August 30th, 2009

So yea I recently made a deal with this dude ZrbZrb to do the composing for his upcoming game. I just finished the soundtrack today and will be uploading the songs shortly. Now here is the track listing:

1. Forest Temple - (Already made song)
2. In the Forest - (I've made this song before, but extended it much longer like many wanted :D)
3. The Rain Falls (Original)
4. The Underground (Original)
5. The Temple (Original)
6. Boss Battle (The one I have uploaded)

Look out for the songs and for the new game!