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New video game project in the works - Project Pumpkin Eater

2011-10-03 00:04:15 by camman007

So I've joined a relatively new club here recently called 'Hoosier Games' and we're beginning to make ground on our game tentatively titled "Project Pumpkin Eater". I of course, will be composing the music for the project and have already begun to make a few themes. The premise of the game is basically an average gamer who is obsessed with finding glitches and cheats for games finds himself mysteriously sucked into a game where he must use his glitch knowledge to fight his way out.

The game will be a 2-d side scroller and the player will have to strategically implement codes and glitches to progress through the game. There will be a large variety of worlds and gameplay mechanics along with a unique story. We have a pretty skilled team hard at work so you can keep up with the news at "" (althought nothing is posted as of yet).

Keep your eye on that site for any new music updates as I won't be posting anything here. Until then...



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