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My first full film score

2011-02-05 02:31:20 by camman007

Well as many of my followers have noticed, I have posted any video game pieces for a while due to my work on my first upcoming film score for the independent film 'Reality'. Scoring for this film has been a great challenge and pleasure. I've had to compose in many different musical styles from classical, jazz, muzak, and pop. However, I won't be posting any of the themes anytime soon on newgrounds, but you can hear tastes of the score (and eventually the full thing) if you follow my facebook music page or the official Reality movie page. Your support means a lot, and I hope to make many scores in the future and will be composing some video game stuff here and there as well.



Facebook page -!/pa ges/Cameron-Floyd/30169548615

Reality page -

Reality official website -

My first full film score


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2011-03-09 13:27:44

No offence dude,but I did not know that you would look like this**!Just shocked**

camman007 responds:

haha I can't tell if that's good or bad