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Welp, probably won't be scoring games for a while

Posted by camman007 - September 14th, 2010

Cause apparently all the people I make deals with demand music from me which I make specifically for them and their project and then they do absolutely NOTHING WITH IT. It's really disheartening to see my hard worked on songs be put to absolutely zero use, if you plan on making a game and go as far as to hire someone for music, at least have the decency to FINISH THE GAME. I'm realizing that way too many people are getting in way over their heads and don't realize how much work creating a game can be. So it'd probably be safer to start small, very small, then hire your musician once the main game is basically complete. Zrb's project should've been done over a year ago, I got an email from him back in January/February that claimed he was back working on it, but I haven't heard anything since (I made 4 original songs for the guy that have got zero use). Then there's Blackmoore's Assistant, a game that did at least get a demo and saw use of a 30 second loop i made, but I made 2 other epic songs so far and have heard nothing about the game since the demo around spring. So I've decided to stop getting my hopes to be part of the creation of a game when I do my part and the same came can't be said for the other party. Currently I'm in talks with an independent film maker to do the score of his film called "Reality", and there is plenty of evidence that this will actually get done. So good-bye to scoring video games, at least for a good amount of time.

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Hey, just to let you know. "Zona" is still the main song in my current game project.

I never made or requested anything for you for the same reason you're writing this new, i wouldn't want to waste someone else effort. But i tought it might cheer you up to know that your stuff is not wasted.

Ill let you know when a public test version of my game is available =p

I've seen that happen WAY too many times. I see in a song that it's scored for a game only to see that the game is not there. But your music is amazing. If I EVER think about asking you for music in a game I'll make sure it IS finished before I ask you. Then, in a way, you can make the song sound like the game looks. But I doubt I'll be asking for music any time soon.