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Absense of material

2010-03-23 22:17:43 by camman007

I'd like to take this post to apologize for the lack of content from me recently. My first son was just born March, 8th so I've been having my hands a bit full lately. On that note, expect a song for him to surface shortly. Anyways after I make that I'll get back to finishing my Piano-ing and The Game Soundtrack albums since at the moment I'm doing no projects. For more info about those albums head to my facebook page.

Music FTW



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2010-05-17 21:51:56

Congrats on your son!

I just found out about your game soundtrack, i might actually use it in my next game that i'm developping in sdl//opengl. Ill let you know if/when the game release =p

camman007 responds:

Thanks! Sounds good to me