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Lots of new songs coming

2009-08-30 12:52:15 by camman007

So yea I recently made a deal with this dude ZrbZrb to do the composing for his upcoming game. I just finished the soundtrack today and will be uploading the songs shortly. Now here is the track listing:

1. Forest Temple - (Already made song)
2. In the Forest - (I've made this song before, but extended it much longer like many wanted :D)
3. The Rain Falls (Original)
4. The Underground (Original)
5. The Temple (Original)
6. Boss Battle (The one I have uploaded)

Look out for the songs and for the new game!


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2009-11-09 15:52:32


I already used:
Off on a Quest
Forest Temple
Artifact Obtained
Zona at Night
Valas' Castle
The Volcano
The Town Market
Village by Water
Valas Appears
-The Boss Battle-
In the Battle
Fight With Valas
My Home Town
Mission Briefing
The Prophecy Flashback

In my game. BTW Cam, this is Aaron/AJ. :3

camman007 responds:

Nice nice, that's quite the collection glad you're digging the music man. Let me know when the game's finished.


2009-11-11 15:07:28

I started Anew, With a entire new storyline and such. I have a demo though :3

camman007 responds:

Sweet deal good luck with it, next time i'm over i'll have to check it out