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Currently composing!

2009-05-20 21:24:17 by camman007

Oh yes I'm currently in the works on a new Video game style piece that will be the Boss battle theme. It's sounding pretty epic so far and hopefully I can crack down and get it complete here shortly. Stay tuned!

Composing's been slow lately

2009-04-20 18:40:41 by camman007

So yea after the disappointing scores of "The Volcano" and "Tour de Afterlife Orchestrated", I've been slowing the composing down considerably.... I finally got a new mic to record some videos on youtube, so I'll probably be doing more of that soon, however I do have a few more tracks left in The Game soundtrack so those will get done before summer comes (Most notably the final battle theme).

School's been gettin crazy with finals and last papers and projects due, but there's always time for music! Thanks for being fans of my music I really appreciate the support! Until next time!